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‘I believe in the power of love. In my view it is the Alpha and Omega of all life.
It is love which creates each and every one of us and is the essence which sustains us,
as we connect with each other within the bonds of friendships, family and community.’
Rev. Antoinette Doocey.


Antoinette has worked in Health Services for 30 years. Serving within a wide range of both clinical and managerial roles, with specific focus on service developments and improvement, strategic development, policy development, and implementation and governance.
She provides Management Consultancy services with specific focus on organisational core values and service impact, managerial development, support requirements and well-being.

She started her exploration of the various faith traditions and religious beliefs of the world as a teenager, having a deep interest in the human condition and the role of spirituality within our relationships and day to day lives.
Antoinette acknowledges and respects the role which organised religion plays in many people’s lives but equally respects those who do not subscribe to any religious beliefs or practices and who have their own understanding and beliefs, independent of organised religion.

Antoinette has been married over 30 years and has two grown up sons. She loves reading and writes a little poetry from time to time. She also loves nature, hiking and walking.

She feels blessed in her life, given the many privileges her various professional roles have enabled her to have
for example:

She is deeply grateful that the gift of privilege continues in her role and service as an Interfaith Minister, in creating ceremonies for major life milestones and in being a legal marriage solemniser.


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As a OneSpirit Interfaith Minister Antoinette is non-discriminatory;
she serves people of all faiths and of none, all communities, diverse, marginal and homogenous.
Antoinette subscribes to the code of ethics and is a member of the professional One Spirit Interfaith minister body RIMA

Welcoming Diversity

Antoinette has had a life long interest in world faith paths including both religious and earth based spiritualities and beliefs.
She holds a deep respect for the rich tapestry of religious, spiritual and non-religious beliefs and faith traditions of our global community,
and acknowledges the central theme of love and respect for one another in all of these paths.

Services offered by Antoinette include:

Your Wedding - Your Ceremony

Marriage is a major milestone in the journey of a couple’s relationship kindled by, and supported in, the energy of their unique love.
Antoinette will work with you to create a bespoke wedding ceremony which reflects your personal and life values and beliefs,
your commitment to one another and which honours you as both, the individuals, and the couple that you are.

Contact Antoinette to discuss your needs and then take it from there. She is based in Meath, but serves all of Ireland


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Based in Enfield, Co. Meath

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